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Sarasota :


See one of the largest selections of new and used pianos on the west coast of Florida at Pritchards. With two piano tuners on staff all our pianos are in immaculate condition inside and out. Free of mechanical problems. Well tuned voiced and regulated. Even the most knowledgable pianist will find all of our pianos in tune and enjoyable to play. Buying a piano that is in pitch and in tune and trouble free will save you the aggravation of owning a lemon piano. Browse below to see just a few of our preowned options.

90 Days same as cash with approved credit on purchase over $1,000


200 Pianos in stock

Pritchards is celebrating 48 years of business from the same Sarasota location on Bee Ridge Road since 1967. When you visit, listen and play our pianos you will find the best prepared and best sounding pianos in Florida. See why thousands of pianists for the west coast of Florida have purchased from Pritchards over the years. Price and value is always the best. One of Florida's longest established piano stores!


Best Pianos, Best Prices 200 on display!

This baby plays great and looks like new ! All new finish inside and out as well as all new strings. Free home tuning, local ground floor delivery and warranty. If new $55000. Only $29500

Steinway Baby Grand


Choose from Ebony polish or Walnut finishes. If new $15,000 our price $6995.

Both instruments are in excellent condition and were made in Japan. Free local ground floor delivery, tuning and warranty included.

Steinway Baby GrandYYamaYaha Clavinova

This five foot one inch piano was purchased new from Pritchards. Looks and sounds great. Includes warranty, tuning and free local delivery. If new $15000 Only $5995

White Kawai Baby grand


This piano sings like a Steinway because it is a Steinway! Great piano.

Free home tuning, local ground floor delivery and warranty.


If new over $13,000 Only $ 4295

Steinway & Sons Vertical


Nice piano looks like new. Perfect for a beginner . In tune and ready for delivery .Free home tuning, local ground floor delivery and warranty.

Only $1099

Baldwin Spinet piano


Purchased new from Pritchards this two year old piano was just traded in for a new digital with more features When new $1999 . Our price only $1199 with bench.

Kurzweil Mark Pro II


Full sized ebony high polish grand. Lots of of power and style includes warranty tuning and free local delivery. Only $4995

Six Foot Grand


Just two year old piano was traded in for the all new Kawai CP1 digital grand. This digital has spectacular sound and features for anyone from a beginner to a professional musician. When new $5995

Kawai CP139

The best piano/organ combo keyboard out there. Tonewheel and Roland sounds combined, without hauling a heavy machine.

Only $1495

Roland VR700


Nice White digital piano!  Perfect for fitting in those tight spaces! Now $799. Includes local ground floor delivery.



Yamaha Clavinova


Yamaha Baby Grands!

SInce 1967

Yamaha Clavinova

Perfect starter piano never needs tuning. Lots of bells and whistles.

Includes padded bench. A real value at $595

Free ground floor local delivery.


This is a vintage Wulitzer model 140

electric piano with amplifier!  

Great one of a kind vintage tone.

Only $695

Vintage Wurlitzer Electric Piano


Rare Louis XV Vintage Steinway "L"

Just arrived this rare one of a kind model "L"

Steinway & Sons Louis XV art case grand.

Stop by and play this magnificent

instrument! Want more information call



Hammond Elegante

The best home organ Hammond ever produced! The last of the Chicago built organs this is a real find! Really clean and everything works. Full pedalboard, rhythm with walking bass, built in Leslie speaker,presets, transposer, and that big fat organ sound. Separate tall Leslie available. Only $2495